Taxi Media New Way To Reach Your Audience

Fully customisable taxi advertising and content delivered directly
to your target market through screen tablets

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Why Taxi Media?

  • No Wastage

    Guarantee views with 0% wastage, on average trip 20 minutes

  • Captive Audience

    Average passenger has a 20 minute journey with nothing to do

  • Measurable ROI

    We share in-depth analytics report and playback report align with monitoring report.

  • Not Cluttered

    Focus without any distractions, so you can guarantee your message will be delivered

  • Innovative

    You can use Hashtag or QR Code to interact with your audience.

  • Recall

    Taxi commercial recall of 40% – 50% vs average TV commercial recall of only 8% – 12 %.









Why Chose Us

We know how hard to make a successful campaign, and we know you want reach your customer, we can help with that.

About Pencil Line

Pencil Line is a media expert specializing in marketing solutions. Unlike traditional media agencies, we’re not stuck with conventional planning based on reasonable spending of the budget.

Taxi Advertising is a growing trend globally. We can provide a digital marketing opportunity to Uber & Careem passengers with a measurable ROI, also with public taxi.

Our Aim

Our aim is to connect you with your target audience, bounce with your product that gives you room to achieve impactful results with public at large.

Pencil Line Start in Saudi Arabia and we expanding now in Netherland, Qatar and UAE and Jorden Market.

We Have One of The Largest Digital Network On The World

We do have today one of the largest digital network in the world, utilizing Taxi Mobile network with over 20,000 cabs. Mushroomed in the major cities in Jeddah Riyadh Makkah and Dammam

Rate Card

Gross Price - All Prices Shown in Saudi Riyal SAR

2,500 Taxis


Per 2 weeks

  • 1000 Taxis in Riyadh
  • 1000 Taxis in Jeddah
  • 250 Taxis in Dammam
  • 250 Taxis in Makkah
  • 2 Minutes Loop
  • 540 Spot per day
10 Seconds

5,000 Taxis


Per 2 weeks

  • 2000 Taxis in Riyadh
  • 2000 Taxis in Jeddah
  • 500 Taxis in Dammam
  • 500 Taxis in Makkah
  • 2 Minutes Loop
  • 540 Spot per day
10 Seconds

10,000 Taxis


Per 2 weeks

  • 4000 Taxis in Riyadh
  • 4000 Taxis in Jeddah
  • 1000 Taxis in Dammam
  • 1000 Taxis in Makkah
  • 2 Minutes Loop
  • 540 Spot per day
10 Seconds

*To explore your best plan or for a custom quote more than 10,000 please contact sales at 920003401

*if you are lookng more than 10 seconds we have 15 seconds and 30 seconds upon your request

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